NeuroCoaching with Lilian

Thank you for your interest in Lilian Llanos’ NeuroCoaching?

Hi, I am Lilian, founder of Lilian Llanos Leadership. I have personally used the techniques I now share with clients to free myself from emotional and physical health issues, an abusive relationship and unfulfilling career. After triumphing over adversity, I have taken on the mission to empower you to fulfill your unique calling and reconnect with your true essence.

When we work together you learn how to integrate a mindfulness-based communication strategy to help you uncover and release the underlying issues that prevent you from living life fully. I call the process, Innergy Alignment Mastery.

Why NeuroCoaching?

NeuroCoaching allows clients to experience significant relief to their personal or business-related issues in the first session. In fact, very few people require more than 3 sessions to overcome completely the issue addressed. If you are ready to learn how to draw upon your inner wisdom to allow you to change your thinking (beliefs and attitudes), emotions (to become mindful and resilient), behavior (to create new healthy habits) to move toward greater balance, growth, and happiness, I am ready to assist you!

The brain-based tips will empower you to develop skills needed to support lasting change such as:

  • mindfulness
  • optimism
  • resilience
  • self-awareness
  • self-motivation

Are you ready to take control of your life and start moving forward?

At this time, I am working with clients face-to-face via Zoom, Skype or Facebook Messenger. Individual sessions are an hour long and cost $175, or pay only $375 for a series of three sessions. Follow this link to begin the process!

*Sliding Scale available and granted in a case by case basis. Email to be considered for this option.


Thank you for ALL of the healing opportunity (clearing and releasing of patterns) you’ve brought to me. I’ve REALLY enjoyed your program, and am so, so grateful! I feel like it helped pave the way to prepare me for this next phase with my baby daughter, whatever it is ;-)    Angela Leifarlom



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