Work with Lilian Llanos

Lilian Llanos has brought together her intuition and extensive knowledge of principles of Quantum Physics, epigenetics, and energy psychology techniques to create a cutting edge system that is helping people around the globe become powerful conscious creators.

The Innergy Alignment Mastery principles will help you remove the energetic blocks and false programming that keep you stuck and repeating negative patterns. After a session, Lilian’s clients report incredible energetic shifts that allow them to create fulfilling and healthy relationships, physical and emotional balance, release unhealthy weight, chronic pain, toxic relationships and addictions.

As of today, many have benefited from this process. At this time, Lilian is working with clients over the phone, or Skype for international clients.

For questions, please contact Lilian via email at, or call 1(267) 875-3835

For information about Reiki classes and workshops, please email


Thank you for ALL of the healing opportunity (clearing and releasing of patterns) you’ve brought to me. I’ve REALLY enjoyed your program, and am so, so grateful! I feel like it helped pave the way to prepare me for this next phase with my baby daughter, whatever it is ;-)    Angela Leifarlom



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