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I would like to say a very big thank you to Lilian Llanos for channeling the Angels messages to me. The pain in my shoulder has gone since we’ve had our conversation. You are one amazing lady. Thank you for coming into all our lives we are truly blessed to know you. I hope we can become good friends. I look forward connecting with you again soon lots of blessing love and eternal light.

Nisha Mistry- Leicester, United Kingdom


As I worked with Lilian with the INNER Process, I could see myself as a confident woman in recovery. I also got direction regarding my future. The anxiety and fear of the future was lifted and I was able to let go of things and people from the past.  I haven’t experienced that much joy in a long time 🙂
As a result of working with Lilian, I feel more spiritually in tune and overall happier and lighter.

The possibilities are endless! I don’t feel like I have any “limits” I am so excited to start my own healing practitioner training, and to continue to work with Lilian. You are absolutely amazing!

Chelsie Lynn
Bountiful, Utah

Hi Lilian, I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time and helping me when I was in such a dark place. You are so talented, compassionate, and a truly gifted healer. The work you do is amazing!
I am doing really well and very happy. I want to stay in this space as much as possible. I definitely want to keep in contact with you and come to some of your events. Looks like you have alot of awesome stuff going on. I am working now and love my job. Thanks again!!!

Amberly Hansen

Lilian has a natural healing energy that gives off a sense of peace and wellness by just being near her. I have had her work on me and find her to be very strong in spirit yet so kind and gentle at the same time. I find that her sincere spirit of compassion is in and of it’s self quite healing. Let’s all be thankful that there are angel’s like her on Earth here with us to give us comfort and guidance in our struggles to be healthy and happy beings.

Sincere thanks,

Bear Fournier


I’d like to share with you an experience that changed my life. On November 14th 2013, my grandmother passed. I was fortunate enough to be with her, more than my other cousins. She, along with my grandfather, helped raise me. I was an only child to a single mother. These two people gave me more than anyone. So, in 2011 when my grandmother suffered a stroke that left her partially immobile, I had to help. My grandfather is legally blind, so he can’t do a whole lot to help her.

Me and my children moved in and I became her primary care taker. I bathed her, fed her, and changed her when necessary. She lost mobility in the right side of her body and her speech was really bad. She slowly over the years got worse.
About two weeks before her passing, it seemed as if she had suffered another mini stroke. She lost all speech ability and was just doing really odd things. She was no longer able to swallow food and could not swallow fluids at all. we gave her pedialite popsicles for three days because that is all we could get into her.

On Monday of that week I had to work, and when I got home my mother and aunt were both there to help my grandfather. She had basically lost all ability to move, and my mom and aunt weren’t strong enough to move her. As I reached under her to lift her up I could feel her spirit just draining. I got her up and into her wheel chair and into bed. I new that would be the last time she would be out of that bed.

Over the next two days family came to see her and say their goodbyes but she wouldn’t go. I hated seeing her in this state. She wasn’t eating or drinking and by Wednesday she was totally unresponsive. I had mentioned to Lilian all that was going on and she recommended me talking to her through spirit, to talk to her heart to heart.  I had gotten up at around 6:30 am to check on her and went back to lay down and as I laid in my bed I closed my eyes and visualized her in front of me, healthy and smiling, I told her that I loved her and that I would miss her but that she needed to go. To be at peace and to longer be suffering. I told her I would take care of grandpa. Then she hugged me and walked away.

I talked to Lilian at 6:35 am and she passed at exactly 7:00 am.  It gave me such a sense of peace, to know that she went on her terms and where she wanted. I feel grateful for the whole experience, I got to know her better than anyone. We became very close in these last years and I miss her dearly, but I know she is at peace and with God, and Jesus and the angels. She visits me in my dreams and I know she is okay.  She had a lilly that someone gave her when she had her stroke and grandpa replanted it in the front yard but it never bloomed. On the 23rd of November, my grandparents 63rd wedding anniversary, grandpa went outside to get the paper and there standing tall in the middle of a bunch of frozen dead vegetation was one lone white lilly. We knew she was letting us know she was with us. It was a beautiful experience and I’m so grateful for it.

Jessica Sandoval
Roy, Utah

I dislocated my shoulder on 3-19. Lilian worked with me on 4/31 until then I had not been able to sleep more than an hour or two at a time before the pain woke me up. I was exhausted, physically and emotionally.

Lilian helped me work on the REAL reason for the shoulder dislocation –which was a belief about myself that I was unworthy.

Wednesday night I slept 15 HOURS! I also felt a sense of peace and confidence that I will now be able to attract those personal relationships and business success that have eluded me UP UNTIL NOW.

Jerry Garrison
Prosperity Team – Texas


Lilian Llanos is an incredible Reiki Master Teacher and healer, as well as a life coach. She is fun to work with and has a great sense of community.

Megan Jennings
Knead a Fix Massage
Ogden, Utah


Lilian is a beautiful, sweet spirit with so much knowledge to share. I just finished my Level 2 Reiki with her and was awestruck by what I learned and how much I was able to experience. She answered many of the questions I had from my Level 1 class and encouraged me to be confident!

Kathi Benson
Ogden, Utah


Thank you for helping my first Reiki session to be calming. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. There are still questions about what happened, but there are no stresses about what happened. Thank you 🙂
The calm feeling I felt was similar to the calm feeling I experience on the temple.

Thanks again. After pondering on the experience, I’d say it was like a spiritual massage with physical cues.

David Hill
Roy, Utah


Lilian, I’m not entirely sure why but Kira is feeling soooooooo much better.  I put her into a hot bath of Epsom Salts, baking soda, and Himalayan salt to help relieve her aches from the fall earlier today, and I sat and discussed with her what it means to “over think,” to “control,” to “resist,” and how much easier it is on her to “go with the flow” as you suggested

Well – something’s working – I’ve never seen her sooooooooo relaxed and feeling better – no more tummy cramps, no more seizures – amazing.Thank you so much for your help!!!!!!!!

Patty Uchida
South Ogden, Utah


When I scheduled my first reiki session, it was during the most stressful time of my life.  Long story short, it felt like my entire world had turned upside down.  Something inside me told me that I deserved to have reiki.  And from the first time I met Lilian, I felt drawn to her peaceful energy.  During the session, I was so relaxed that I actually fell asleep, and that is NOT normal for me!  The best way I can describe the peace I felt is that it felt as though I was being cradled and loved in the arms of my Creator.  I believe with all of my heart that this is Lilian’s divine purpose and I thank her for sharing her light with me.”

See you soon!!!

Jennifer Slaughter
Rock Your World Jewelry
North Ogden, Utah


I received a PsyChi treatment from Lilian in October this year. I had been experiencing high levels of stress, had a difficult time focusing on my work and home life, and had negative feelings about my relationship with my mother. After the treatment I saw significant improvements in my ability to focus at work. The day of the treatment I worked a late shift and finished several projects that had been needing my undivided attention for a long time. I also took a day off that week to focus on some pressing issues at home and to write my mom a letter. I truly believe the PsyChi session helped to correct some of my old habits that were affecting my life in a negative way.

Wendy Gibson
Sandy, Utah


Hello Lilian,
I am happy to share what I am consciously aware of the purification process 21 days after Reiki. I began this February as A Course in Miracles student. I have since March been spending daily time in prayer and meditation. The Course says that things appear to get worse before they get better, because the student is now taking the blinders off and looking at their lives and seeing their problems, whereas before, their heads were in the sand. I think that was me. I overate, overslept, and watched TV to numb myself regularly from a life I wasn’t happy with.I attended the Crystal Cocoon’s Spring seminar in May and listened to Lilian speaking about Reiki. I knew she was speaking from her heart. I decided to sign up to learn Reiki. While preparing to learn Reiki, I listened to Mariane Williamson, author of Return to Love, talk about taking any and all painful situations in our lives creating a 30 day vigil, putting our troubles on the altar daily in prayer to God for 30 days. I began my 30 day vigil a week before Reiki I. during this time, I was guided to fast in preparation for Reiki.The day came, and I was blessed to have a Reiki treatment by Lilian as the day’s events unfolded. I felt the insides of my internal organs begin to cry as Lilian put her warm hands of the light at the center of my belly, the area of the third chakra. I felt and experienced a tremendous shift of energies, and I vocalized a tremendous release and the tears flowed and I forgave myself and asked my body’s forgiveness for how I had treated it. With Lilian’s reassurance, I told my body I would do my best from now on. Since that day I have myself six Reiki treatments and even Reiki’d a rose plant that had been dying. It is now showing signs of life and is healthily growing in a planter on my porch.

Victoria Dortzbach
Living Brilliance
south Ogden, Utah

A friend of mine, we’ll call her Helen, had surgery on her aorta in May. After the surgery there were many complications, the most critical was she wouldn’t start breathing on her own.  She was moved to ICU for nearly 2 weeks where she was intubated and eventually had a tracheotomy.  She was then moved to a specialized long term care facility at LDS hospital as the ICU could do no more for her.  Lilian and a friend, Ruby, who specializes in essential oils, went to LDS hospital to see if they could help.  They worked on Helen for several hours – she of course was in a drug induced sleep.  Lilian told me that Helen had a long road ahead and would have to fight to stay alive –  Helen needed to make the decision.

After they left, the nurses decided to shut down the oxygen being forced into her lungs, once again, and see if she would breathe on her own.  Helen DID start breathing on her own.  She had made the decision thanks to Lillian’s help.

That night when her daughter went to visit, she was groggy but awake and mouthed the words “I love you.”  She continued her recovery and after spending several more months in rehabilitation is now living in her home.

She only recently found out about Lilian and Ruby attending to her.  She didn’t know why she suddenly was able to breathe – she couldn’t remember anything.  Her sister was present during all of this and kindly retold the story when she thought Helen was up to it.

She burst into tears when I first saw her after her long stay in the hospitals but is eternally grateful for what they did.

Patty Uchida

South Ogden, Utah



Before I worked with Lilian I struggled with scarcity mindset for several years, only allowing my mind to think of being able to pay the bills. I tried all the abundance affirmations that I read about, but it was as if I was tricking by brain because I truly could not bring myself to believe in anything else but scarcity.

My biggest breakthrough came in releasing myself  from blame for circumstances that were beyond my control. My outlook completely changed. I began to look at possibilities instead of stagnant circumstances. I know now that my life is full of abundance. I feel like it is my divine right. With this outlook I come up with creative ways to make things happen, and also  magically things start to turn around in my favor.

Stephanie Treasure, MBA
Online Marketing Consultant


Lilian, things are really picking up momentum, as we’re forced to leave our current apartment in the next 2 weeks, etc. (we’ll be here through April)  Also, had news about a heart condition with my baby, so my healing powers and power of attraction have really come alive in the previous two weeks.

Thank you for ALL of the healing opportunity (clearing and releasing of patterns) you’ve brought to me.  I’ve REALLY enjoyed it (Life at Infinity Program), and am so, so grateful!  I feel like it helped pave the way to prepare me for this next phase with my baby daughter, whatever it is 😉

Angela Leirfallom


Thanks for your encouragement. You strengthen the hearts of many…

 Leah Aura


For questions about the INNER Process, please contact Lilian via email at Lilian@LilianLlanos.com, or call 1(267) UPLEVEL

For information about Reiki classes and workshops, please email Reiki@LilianLlanos.com


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