Your Journey Begins Today!


Are you emotionally exhausted, both, longing and dreading to live your purpose?

Remember the time when you felt empowered, motivated and confident knowing that you could accomplish anything you’ve ever wanted!

If you want to get rid of all fear, and live fully, then be, act and live for the fun of it. Leave behind the fear of failure and rejection, and start taking action to stop the cycle.

You want to serve 

You feel the fear

You’re paralyzed by it

Inaction brings up guilt

and, depression creeps up

you blame yourself because of what you should be doing

and you’re even afraid to ask for any HELP!!!

You can choose to ask yourself these questions instead,

What would it happen if I mess up? Could I correct the course?

What would be the worst that could happen if I fail? Could I try again?

Have I done it before?

Who am I helping by avoiding the fulfillment of my mission?

How could I ever know if I really can, If I don’t even try?

Am I here to shrink and let life pass by, or to grow and advance?


You are here to learn, to grow and to experience joy, every step of the way.

There is no reason, or room for shame, blame, or doubt, because it is your right and duty to live a life that resembles your Divine Essence.

Your Journey Begins Today!

Embrace Your Truth and Accomplish Your Deepest Desires!

Embrace Your Truth and Accomplish Your Deepest Desires!

Are you trying hard to be liked, and to be loved?

Do you wonder why even though you know there is another way, you can’t let go of it?

It is simply your ego self in action. Your Higher Self on the other hand, is wiser, self-confident, and fully aware of your self-worth.

You face a constant battle between these two forces pulling you in opposite directions. Your mind creates a story of what it thinks life should be.

Embrace Your Truth

You have the option to keep holding onto that idea, or you can make the decision to release it for once and for all. Go with the flow, feeling the love, the expansion, the infinite opportunities that present in your daily life.
Embrace your truth and accomplish your deepest desires.
 Keep your thoughts, feelings and words aligned to the only Truth. You are a Spiritual, Perfect being, and you are One with God and the world!

In this space, all is perfect. You go beyond the concepts of time and space. You rejoice in your magnificence. You feel the infinite love emanating from your heart flowing, intertwining with the divine love energy.

Choose love and peace always, and allow yourself to remain immersed and infused with the energy of love that empowers you!




Me, Myself and My Guru

Me, Myself and My Guru

While I was working on my new program, Ignite the Fire of Creation Within, the title of this article came to my mind. I attributed the definitions below, arbitrarily. There is no science behind it and I am not referring to a teaching or principle previously stated by other teachers, mentors or gurus, or at least, not that I know of. Any similarity with other teachings may be explained by the existence of the universal consciousness.

“Me” refers to the conscious mind and ego

“Myself,” to the divine, perfect being each of us is in essence, and

“My Guru” refers to the wise master that lives within each of us

Release “Me”                                                            

Embrace “Myself”

Trust “My Guru”

Releasing “Me”

When one addresses life from the conscious mind, one’s possibilities are limited to those known by the logical mind, preventing you from allowing the unexpected to manifest in your life.

Release “Me” to tap into your divine self and inner wisdom and to unlock your unlimited potential.

Embracing “Myself”

Once the ego self is released, embracing the divine within becomes natural. You’ll know you have embraced  “Myself,” when a deep and clear sense of unconditional love, security and expansion is predominant in your life, freeing you from fear and resurfacing as your authentic, loving self.

You let go and let God, because you have the certainty that every experience you manifest is on God’s schedule and for a highest purpose.

Trusting “My Guru”

Since ancient times, individuals have pursued spirituality and enlightenment. Today,  in an attempt to unveil the answers to philosophical and existentialist questions, men still look for visionaries, sages and/ or spiritual gurus. However, deep inside one’s soul exists every answer to the most intricate questions of mankind.

Once you reach the wisdom within, you will have found the until now, elusive “My Guru.”