Believe in Your Ability to Create Your Own Reality and Abundance!

‚ÄúProblems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.‚ÄĚ

Albert Einstein


This is such a great story! As soon as I read it, this quote by Albert Einstein popped in my mind. Anji’s experience validates this powerful principle and I thought to share it with you.

When I spoke last with Anji, I had a crystal clear insight into exactly what she needed to do to turn her financial situation around. Since then, I’ve received several texts from Anji, sharing her day to day success. The money miracles keep manifesting non-stop for Anji! But read what happened…

I have known Lilian for several years as a holistic practitioner but what always stands out, is her warm, loving, very accepting nature. Her energy is warm and safe. She appears in my life when I have needed some profound healing.

But I must say, the latest conversation I had with her was Life changing.¬† She is now a life coach and doing her Magnify your Purpose business.¬† I kept being prompted inside to get more information from her.¬† So I text her one day and she told we could get together and talk. I met with her at a coffee shoppe.¬† She said many positive and truthful statements to me. The one that rang in my ears was “Sometimes you have to do something you have never done before, to get something you have never had before. It was such a lightening bolt of clarity in my mind. I left there thinking about it constantly for days, it was as if it had created a new pathway in my brain and clicked the “on button” on. It was the conviction in her voice, her belief that what she was telling me was truth and she was already living it.

I began to realize how limited my thinking had been, especially about my financial situation.¬† I have been doing the exact same routine with money all my life and guess what?¬† I have been getting the same results over and over again. I felt a burning inside that I had not felt in years, I immediately updated my vision board, this time it was the most different board I had ever created. Usually, I carefully cut out the pieces and make the board look like an art piece.¬† Not this time. I ripped the pages out of magazines and newspapers, I rapidly glue them on the board. I was amazed at when it was done how it was extremely different than any board I had ever created. Part of me said oh it looks so messy and thrown together! But I just told myself “sometimes you gotta do something you have never done before, to get something you have never had before.”¬† It has become my mantra these last three weeks or so.

My life has changed by leaps and bounds. I am seeing manifestation of abundance everywhere I go and everything I touch. Let me tell you just a couple.

I walked out of my job I have had the last two years, last Monday and was fired. I have never had that happened before and since that day the abundance has been rolling in. ( I did something I had never done before to get something I never had before).¬† My ex husband was going to stop paying child support on my daughter because she turned 18, I got a text that he decided he was going to continue the support, no explanation just that he was going to continue doing it.¬† I started belly dance class, I went to two classes my teacher sent me a note on facebook saying, “I don’t want you to ever pay for classes this is my gift to you.”

I believe in my ability to create my own reality and abundance!

Lilian’s knowledge of how to magnify your purpose is outstanding. I know she will continue to help others grow and change their own limiting belief systems.¬† And, I am forever grateful for her taking the time to share what she is doing in her own life with me. When I walked out of my job I had no fear I knew I was leaving and old limiting place and walking into a whole new world. I¬† thank Lilian for her courage to follow and magnify her own purpose so she can help others magnify their purpose.

I feel like I left so much out, I could write a book just on since the first time you gave me reiki years ago and the treatment at the cocoon and the meeting in the coffee shoppe. I thank you with all my heart and send you all the love that I possess. I am once again ready to do God’s work. thank you for all your help.

Love Light and Laughter,

Anji Udy


Please, share your own story below. Tell us what you could do differently today that could bear a positive outcome in your life.

Ignite the Fire of Creation Within: Vision board 101

We are hearing more everyday about the power of the human mind. I have devoted the last months to do a research on the power of the mind and our intrinsic abilities to manifest all that we desire. The subject is vast and deep but I’d like to focus today on the power of the vision board. Before explaining how this powerful tool contributes to the manifestation process, here is a brief description of the vision board for those who are new to this concept.

Essentially, a vision board is a collage of pictures and words that illustrate the life you want to live.

I am not explaining a step by step process to create your vision board per se, but describing in a few words how it can help you change your mindset.

  • A vision board enhances your ability to create and to hold a consistent visual image of your desired goals in your mental screen
  • It is not only a reminder of your destination but also a tool to track your accomplishments.
  • The process of creation of the vision board gives you the opportunity to infuse your projects with the passion that only you can add to make your dream a reality.
  • It helps you stay focus, motivated and committed
  • You will experience yourself as if you were already the person you want to become or had that what you are wanting to obtain, giving you a stronger sense of self-confidence and self-worth
  • As the energy gap between the possible and the reality diminishes you become a powerful magnet to success

With this being said, I’m leaving here a few tips to help you kick start or take your success a step further.

  1. Connect to your soul to determine and prioritize your goals
  2. Make a vision board that encompasses some or all areas of your life: love, career, relationships, health & fitness, friends & family, finances, creativity, personal growth and travel and fun, or create one for a specific area or goal (a new home, a change of career, etc)
  3. Charge your board with your best energy. Make the process fun and exciting
  4. Use the most appealing pictures and words that best represent both, your personality and big dreams
  5. Choose the pictures that speak to you
  6. Illustrate also emotions and states of mind (patience, strength, etc)
  7. Place your board on a place where you see it often and practice experiencing the feelings of having it all now

If you like this post and would like to learn other powerful tips based on Eastern teachings, please,  come to my next class,

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