Innergy Harmonization

What is Innergy Harmonization?

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As Universal Consciousness, we are experiencing major energetic shifts that affect every being in different ways.  These processes occur at lightning speed creating dissonance to our physical bodies as our entire energetic system adjusts to the new vibration.

The harmonization of frequencies eases this process and prepares you for the upcoming energetic activation.

Are you ready to receive the Innergy Harmonization?

You can participate in the Harmonization sessions that occurs twice a month, a time of powerful alignment, manifestation, and empowerment. The exact date and time will be disclosed on your email after you complete your transaction, or they will be published in the private membership group, Innergy Alignment Mastery Circle. Click here to start your monthly subscription.

What to expect after the Innergy Harmonization?

Every session offers a unique shift according to your own needs, but in general, the Innergy Harmonization will guide you to reflect on your life with a new perception of your reality. You will be able to review and align your thoughts, words, and actions so that they reflect the life that you wish to manifest.
The initial outcome may look different for everyone.  In the long run, it will translate into a positive outcome, but don’t be surprised if you become more aware of dissonant experiences. This is a necessary step so you can be aware of the aspects of your life that need to be aligned and prepared to receive and process the upcoming shifts.

What is the cost of the Innergy Harmonization session?

Individual sessions are offered on a sliding scale starting at $ 22. Click on the “Buy Button” below or receive two sessions per month as a member of the Innergy Alignment Mastery Circle program, with an introductory monthly fee of $ 22. Click here to start your subscription.

Innergy Harmonization

What are previous participants saying about their experience with the Harmonization sessions?

One of the things I posted was for my sore throat to go away. I posted that about 2 am or so my time est. It’s been hurting for at least 3 days I woke up around 0800 a.m. my pain is completely gone. All gone. Thank you, I am honestly overjoyed and grateful!” ~Diana Joy

” I woke up with peace.” ~ Wendy Anne

“Honestly, I feel amazing. I feel like the fog is lifted and I can think clearly. I feel like I remember who I really am. I am motivated to be strong and stand up for what I believe in. I’m way motivated if not urged to be active and fit. My energy levels are growing and I feel a lot of love in a new way.” ~ Shaylee Ford

“After the harmonization, I do feel amazing, strong, in mind and body. I felt more energized today than in other more recent days and I feel even more conscious of my thoughts and feelings. It’s been easier to let things go and let things flow instead of holding onto everything and analyzing every thought. I’ve felt oddly calm all day but so happy. I feel like the universe is helping me cleanse my life too. I can feel it. I’m noticing it with the people in my life. ~ Karli Williams