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Innergy Alignment Mastery Certification:

Going through the Innergy Alignment Mastery Certification is the best way to get a head start to embrace the healer within, deepen your own healing journey and help others master Innergy Alignment. Lilian will share with you the healing and coaching tools she has integrated succesfully into her practice. The IAM certification will prepare and empower you to create deep personal healing and transformation and for you and your clients.
During the progam you will get access to in-person training, as well as access to webinars, live sessions with clients, and training on how to start creating transformation while building a profitable business using research-based principles of Neuroscience, Energy Psychology, and Epigenetics.

INNER Process Certification

During the IAM Certification training you will get access to the following:

  • Video training and mentoring
  • 1 personal session from Lilian or her team
  • IAM  Session evaluation
  • IAM Certification written test
  • IAM Certification practical test
  • Access to teleconferencing
  • Listed on the website (You will be listed in our certified facilitator directory)

Teleconferencing and accountability coaching to assist you in building your business

*Additional 2 day Marketing and Sales training is not included in the Innergy Alignment Mastery Certification Certification program, but certainly an additional option for certified facilitators.

Contact Lilian for more information about the IAM Certification program at 267-UPLEVEL or email





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