From “The Sky is the Limit” to “Wishes Fulfilled”

“Health, wealth, beauty, and genius are not created; they are only manifested by the arrangement of your mind—that is, by your concept of yourself, and your concept of yourself is all that you accept and consent to as true.”

I have been always an avid fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer. I was a teenager when I read “The Sky is the Limit,” and since then it’s been my desire to read it again.  I still remember the feelings of joy, excitement, fascination, and happiness I had while I devoured those pages; and the unlimited possibilities ahead of me that seemed so alluring.
“The Sky is the Limit” became my motto, my mantra. A few years down the road, life happened to me, and I found myself heading in the opposite direction, sinking in a sea of despair, distress, and fear.

It took me over 15 years to go back to that place of believing in myself as a limitless, divine being. I wait now with excited anticipation the release of his latest inspirational masterpiece titled, “Wishes Fulfilled.” I am in love with the synchronicity. For a few years now, I have set my mind and heart into deciphering the mysteries of the manifesting process, and I suspect this book will reveal some of them.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in psychology in the  20th century addressed in this book states that there is a direct correlation between your self-image and the results you are creating.

In other words, if you consider yourself to be a failure, your chances of attaining success in your life are diminished considerably. So, if you are wondering why your long journey of affirmations, visualizations, the law of attraction programs, and everything in between hasn’t borne any fruits yet, your self-image is the culprit.

Can you transform a two-story building into a skyscraper without altering its foundation? The answer is no.

The same concept applies to your life. You can’t transform your life from scarcity to abundance, from despair to happiness, from failure to success, from emptiness to fulfillment without working on changing your self-image. You can’t outgrow your self-image since your feelings, actions, and behavior, are consistent with the mental picture you hold of yourself.

The good news is, there are several ways to transform your life. You can do it from the bottom up or the inside out. You are the creator of your destiny.

Inspired by the analogy of the building, I researched on the Malaysian construction project of the Petronas Twin Towers, certified as the world’s tallest buildings in 1996. To my amazement, the first resource I looked into was an article called, “Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest building in the world. From vision to reality.” I can only say, what a synchronicity! Going from vision to reality in your life is the process I want to illustrate. So, here we go!


Preparing the foundation for the Petronas Twin Tower was a challenge. Once the process began, they encountered problems with the soil. It was not suitable for the project, and it was necessary to make some adjustments including a five-story excavation. Once we start the journey, we will find the need to make some adjustments before we can proceed.

Surely, we’ll have to dig deep into our mind and soul to weed out or remove what no longer serves our purpose, to lay a solid and stable foundation (self-image.) It may not be a very pleasant task. It may be even painful and to some extent, debilitating, but it will determine how far and how high you’ll be able to go in your life. Very helpful since we are shooting at least for the sky. Aren’t we?