Your Feelings Are Valid

It’s been a rough day.

I’ve been riding the emotional roller coaster we’ve all experienced in life. For the first time since his birth, I felt that my son who has Down Syndrome had been excluded.

I had a long pity party even though part of me knew it was my decision to stay in that space or turn it around and move on, and still, I chose the first.

I guess, I simply needed to let my emotions run wild for a bit to come back to balance later.

Even though part of me knew there was no reason to feel that way, my feelings felt so real that it was all that matter to me. It was real. It was valid, because the feelings were real.

Then, I felt compassion for every one experiencing any type of sorrow. I thought how unfair it is for anyone to dare to judge anyone’s feelings and responses to emotional triggers, or even your own.

After a very cleansing cry, the sadness turned into peacefulness. Now, I just hope I can be more compassionate with everyone in the future. And that I also allow myself to experience my emotions as they come without being judgmental.

Your feelings are valid!

Feelings are valid


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