3 Easy Steps to Creating a Personal Mantra

By Guest Writer, Shaylee Ford

What is a mantra?

The word mantra can be broken down into two parts: “man”, which means mind, and “tra”, which means transport or vehicle. A personal mantra can be thought of as a seed for energizing an intention. Getting to the ancient root of it all, mantra, at its core is the basis of all religious traditions, scriptures, and prayers. Today, a mantra is better understood as a repetitive thought to aid in the creation of experience, or to induce deep meditative states. Below are 3 easy steps to create a personal mantra and use it in everyday life.

  1. Decide What it is You Want
    As a mother with young children, it can be challenging at times to find a quiet minute to settle my thoughts and clear my mind, and I am sure even if you don’t have kids you can relate to this. Consciously make an effort without setting an expectation, to sit quietly, clear the mind or meditate and ask yourself: “what do I truly want?”. As the thoughts come you write them down. These things can range from money, a relationship, love, happiness and the list goes on.
    Example: “I want more money.”
  2. Create a Mindful Statement
    When creating a mindful statement or personal mantra, keep in mind that the universe is a genie and the genie always says, “Your wish is my command!”. If we are looking at the statemen “I want more money.”, Genie: “your wish is my command!”. Now you have created the ugly circle of “I want more money.”, which will leave you always wanting more money.
  3. There are two secrets to creating a mindful statement. The first one is the subject of what you want, if you want more money then let money be the subject. Stay away from things likeCreate a Personal Mantra, “I want to be out of debt.”, debt being the subject will only bring you more debt. The second secret is live your statement as if you already have it. For example, the words I AM or I HAVE put you in the place of already being or having what you desire.
    Example: “I am abundant always.”
    “I have abundance always.”
  4. Start Creating!
    In some cultures, it is said that you must sit and meditate for hours, or be alone in nature for an extended period while reciting your personal mantra for it to manifest. This is purely a belief system and like any other belief system it is only true if you chose to believe in it. Putting a personal mantra into action is very simple and very flexible according to what works best for you. You can incorporate your mantra into your thought processes, journaling or even speaking whenever you want to. You may start your day with meditation and reflecting on gratitude, you may recite the words in your mind while you are in the car, or my personal favorite, while I am doing mindless work at my job. Another trigger is replacing any negative thought counterproductive to what it is you wish to create with your safe, productive mantra! In time, you will find that becoming aware of our auto-pilot thoughts that are literally creating your reality will begin to change!

Mantras can be used to change or recreate anything in your life. With a little bit of dedication to self-awareness you can have exactly the life you have always wanted. Remember to reflect daily on the things in your life that truly serve your highest good and pay no mind to the do not. Life is full of experiences, be mindful of the ones you choose!

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