Reiki and Palliative Care: How Reiki Heals into Life and into Death

Reiki and Palliative Care: How Reiki Heals into Life and into Death

Over the past years, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to help several patients right after they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Some of them come to me looking to alleviate their physical pain, and to lessen the side effects of medical treatments, but what most of them are truly desperate for is hope, emotional support while they face their fears and anxiety over the impending transition, and the reassurance that their loved ones will endure the trial.

The first experience I had with Reiki in a similar situation was while my mother battled cancer.  As my Reiki Master Teacher said it, Reiki did not only heal her into life but also into death. After ten years of health struggles, my mother was finally released of all pain. I was told, she did self-reiki treatments, as long as it was possible due to her health condition. If you know me, you’ve probably heard this story more than once, so I will let you read this time the story below as it was shared by my Reiki Master Teacher, who lovingly and unconditionally offered the emotional support we needed at the time.

I am now grateful to be able to pay it forward and bless other lives during times of physical and emotional distress, to ease the fear of the unknown of those who are leaving, and the grief and sorrow of those who are left behind.

This is the last picture I have of my mother and I during her last visit to the states.

Reiki Alicia











Dearest Friends:

Some of you were able to meet Lilian’s mother, Alicia, when Lilian brought her to *healing circle (attached is a picture).  Although only one of you was Spanish speaking, and we couldn’t communicate with Alicia, we were deeply touched by her spirit and her energy.  It demonstrates how all is reduced to energy, and if we can only appreciate that, it motivates us to get out of the head, analytical stuff.  It reminds me once when I flew to Los Angeles to hear one of my teachers teach before he departed to Australia.  He was so exhausted from his daily travels around the world that he kept falling asleep so the teaching had more depth and breadth than his words or rather, lack of words.  Being in his energy field alone was a great teaching; in fact, I’m almost glad that words didn’t get in the way.  He lifted my vibration.  I will always savor that experience rather than complain that I went to great expense to purchase a plane ticket, stay in a hotel, and also got a huge toll fine because I didn’t realize I was on a toll road.  Like my teacher, Alicia was a gift to all who experienced her energy field.  She touched our lives.

    After Alicia came to healing circle and before she departed to Colombia, Lilian brought her over to see me once again.  Lilian and I channeled Reiki for her, and then I attuned her without training because I knew she would be leaving her body soon.  Here again, I never communicated verbally with Alicia because I am not Spanish speaking.  I believed that she had courageously come here to the United States–without access to her medical care in Colombia–in order to see Lilian and her family one last time before she transitioned, and hoped that she would make it back to her home in Colombia.  We, as a Reiki community, sent energy when she was taken to the hospital after she de-planed in Florida.  Alicia and Lilian channeled Reiki the entire flight, and paramedics could not believe she lived because her blood pressure was in the mid 200’s and she had fluid around her heart. 

Lilian had wondered if her mom would take Reiki seriously or even practice but when Lilian telephoned me yesterday to tell me that her mother had died at l:00 PM she told me that from the time Alicia left my home after I attuned her nearly a month ago, she never once removed her hand from her chest.  She kept at least one hand on her chest 24-7.  What was the result of that?  Although she had cancer throughout her body and in her bones, she was pain free, optimistic, appreciative, and grateful–and she transitioned very peacefully and in a state of grace.  Not coincidentally, at the moment of her death, Lilian was here in Utah at a Hospice meeting, and a candle was being lit at 1:00 PM.  It was only after the meeting that Lilian received a phone call from Colombia that 1:00 PM was precisely when her mother had died.

I took the time to write this because it is a good example of how Reiki heals into life and heals into death.

It not only helps one heal into death but it helps to heal those who are left behind.  The night before Alicia transitioned, Lilian sent Reiki to her all night, and Lilian said it felt exactly the way it felt when her mother was physically here.  The silver lining in all of this is that it leaves Lilian committed to Hospice.

Reiki is a very gentle, non-invasive spiritual healing that is now used in a variety of ways in many hospices and hospitals across the nation.

Reiki can provide emotional support and spiritual strength for people who are in the last stages of a terminal illness.  Give yourself or a loved the gift of Reiki!

*A Reiki healing circle offers the opportunity for practitioners to gather and practice Reiki and share their gifts with the public. You may attend Lilian’s Reiki healing circle on the third Monday of the month.

Your Journey Begins Today!


Are you emotionally exhausted, both, longing and dreading to live your purpose?

Remember the time when you felt empowered, motivated and confident knowing that you could accomplish anything you’ve ever wanted!

If you want to get rid of all fear, and live fully, then be, act and live for the fun of it. Leave behind the fear of failure and rejection, and start taking action to stop the cycle.

You want to serve 

You feel the fear

You’re paralyzed by it

Inaction brings up guilt

and, depression creeps up

you blame yourself because of what you should be doing

and you’re even afraid to ask for any HELP!!!

You can choose to ask yourself these questions instead,

What would it happen if I mess up? Could I correct the course?

What would be the worst that could happen if I fail? Could I try again?

Have I done it before?

Who am I helping by avoiding the fulfillment of my mission?

How could I ever know if I really can, If I don’t even try?

Am I here to shrink and let life pass by, or to grow and advance?


You are here to learn, to grow and to experience joy, every step of the way.

There is no reason, or room for shame, blame, or doubt, because it is your right and duty to live a life that resembles your Divine Essence.

Your Journey Begins Today!

Are You Fulfilling Your Mission?

Do you remember your first kiss? Your first love? Your first Reiki Class?

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in a room with a group of Reiki Practitioners planning our first Reiki Clinic. I loved the energy in the room. I could feel every one’s excitement and desire to serve. It was just so contagious!

When we first started we took turns to introduce ourselves and to talk about our Reiki journey. It was very touching when one of my recently attuned Reiki I students mentioned with such a strong passion and a the brigthest light on his eyes, “I’ve been a Reiki I practitioner for 14 days.” That statement took me in a flash to my first Reiki class experience. I remembered the feeling of fulfillment and purpose very deep in my heart, the peace and love that motivated me to share the gift of Reiki with my loved ones, friends and everyone willing to hear me talking about the wonders of Reiki.

I knew right there that part of my mission on this earth was to spread the word of Reiki even though I didn’t have any idea about how this would happen. I want to ask you now again…do you remember your first Reiki class and attunement? Did you feel Reiki was part of your true purpose or that it could lead you to get in touch to that divine mission we all have? If so, are you fulfilling your mission? Are you magnifying your purpose?

You know, there was a time when I neglected my role as a Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher. I thought I was too busy or that It wasn’t worth to invest all that time on helping others to find balance in their lives. I thought I could get away with that until I realized that once you reconnect with your true purpose there is no turn around. You may keep going on trying to quiet that voice that keeps calling you to go back to your mission. Well, it was not that easy even though I managed to make up all kind of excuses. I don’t have time! I’m not that good anyway and they can always find another practitioner! I need to dedicate my life to my newborn and family! Does it sound familiar?

I thought I could be complete without fulfilling this part of my mission but that “small voice” just got louder and louder until I finally listened. Since then, I’ve been able to recreate again that feeling of wholeness and purpose I first had with my first attunement. I’ve seen so many life changing experiences all through the gift of Reiki but even more because of my willingness to magnify my purpose.

I invite you today to allow your mind and heart to go back to that moment when you decided to start your Reiki training. What did motivate you?
How did affect your life and the lives of those who surrounded you?
Would you like to experience the same feelings when you are at service?
Would you like to keep yourself open to be a channel of the Universal Reiki Light and Energy?

I hope you want to do that or more and I hope that you are willing to help the Reiki community grow in our area and in the world. This is a perfect time to join this group. Reiki is not only growing in Utah but all over the country. More people are sharing their experiences of healing and the demand for Reiki practitioners has skyrocketed during the last years but there is still more sharing and teaching we must do to reach more souls. Are you ready to embrace Reiki again in your life? Are you willing to reconnect to your soul purpose? Are you open to becoming a vessel of the Universal Reiki Light Energy?

If your answer is yes…I can help you do just that through the Monthly Reiki Share held the third Monday of the month. If you feel called to participate, please call me at the number below!

Your family needs the gift of Reiki. Your community and the world needs you. There are “special people” waiting just for your “special” Reiki light and love.

It is your time to shine and allow others to do the same. The decision is yours!



Lilian Llanos

Reiki Master Teacher


Would you like to stay informed about future online and offline events? Go here to register!

The Untold Love Story Project

Have you lost a love?
Join the untold Love Story Project! I want to hear your “untold love story” or “untold message to your lost love.” Whether your loss was due to a break up, death, challenging illness, or any other circumstances, I want to hear it.

I will keep your information anonymous if that’s what you want. It can be a poem, a love letter, lyrics to a song or short experiences. Please, post your story here or send me a private message with your story or email at Lilian@LilianLlanos.com.

Most meaningful love stories are left untold, some with happily ever after endings(or at least we want to believe so,) but even though the rest may leave us with a bittersweet feeling, love still is, and it will always be the most powerful force that moves us. I’ve even wondered if Love is also a physical law since we are all pulled inevitably by the energy of love, as much as we are pulled to the earth by gravity.

I’ve also been pulled by this energy more than once, to my delight, or not, depending on my ability to choose to experience love, or to experience fear.

I believe Love starts growing within once we are born, or perhaps it’s just another program in our DNA. I’m not certain. It seems to me that it never dies. Relationships die but Love only lies dormant for a while, until we let our guards down and allow ourselves to be pulled again by, and to the energy of Love. Then, another person comes and avidly rekindles the love we thought it was extinct.

As I said, I’ve loved. I’ve been loved. I’ve been in love. So far, I’ve been so obsessed with the lack of happy endings and the lost love that I end up overlooking the happiness lived along the journey. So, I’ve decided to compile some of my own untold love stories and the messages of love that were left untold, the thoughts I held back, the songs I never sung, either because I took the relationship for granted, or because I thought that finally the time for me to live true, eternal love had come and we had the eternity to do so, or just because I wasn’t given the chance to get that deep and far.

Through “The Untold Love Story Project,” I’d like to share the happy stories, the sad stories, the ones I’ve experienced first hand, the ones I’ve witnessed, and those I’ve just played in my imagination. I’d like to share also your untold love story, or that special message to your “lost love” because anyway, who has not lost a love?

You’ve dared to love…would you dare to share?
Send your story to”The Untold Love Story Project,” and who knows, we might be able to finally get that special message delivered!

Mindfulness: Becoming Fully Alive in Each Moment

I’ve always said that my children are the best teachers I have in this lifetime. They’ve also taught me about the Art of Mindfulness. The lesson came  from my two year old son, Miguelangel, born with Down syndrome.

Perhaps, one of the biggest developmental challenges we’ve faced is speech delay. The challenge has turned into a blessing. Learning to communicate in a powerful and meaningful way without the use of the written or spoken words is a delight.

I must confess that it’s been difficult to adjust to his demands. He truly knows what is like to be fully present. Me on the other hand tend to let my mind go adrift often.

During the past weeks I have been immersed in the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh in the book, The Art of Power
. He stresses the importance of expressing our love through mindfulness. I’ve found this practice to be freeing. As I focus on one and only one task or experience at a given time, I make better use of my time and energy. I’m more productive in my business. I feel fulfilled knowing that I’m giving the best of myself to my son right in this moment. I also express my love to him not only with words but connecting at all levels.

Thich Nhat Hanh teachings have been a remarkable source of inspiration to me. I hope that these thoughts inspire you to master the art of mindfulness as well. Here are some highlights about his perspective on love and mindfulness.

  • To love means being there for your beloved, recognizing his presence as important
  • To be there for him, you have to be there for yourself first
  • The practice of mindfulness will help you get deeply in touch with yourself
  • Mindful breathing takes you back to the joy, the beauty, the wonders of life, in and around you
  • Being in the here and now helps you recognize and transform your suffering
  • Developing self-understanding and self-love provides the foundation for understanding and loving another person
  •  Through the practice of mindful breathing, you bring your mind back to your body, you establish yourself in the here and now, you are fully present, and you can go to your loved one and say the first declaration of love, “Darling, you know, I’m here for you.”
  • Only with practice you produce your true presence
  • Mindfulness helps us know what is going on in our beloved

Here is the challenge for you, go to your beloved,  your partner, a sibling, your child, and express your love in a different way. Hold his or her hands and look into their eyes, and just allow the love to flow through you. Be aware of both, theirs and your own presence in the room. Enjoy the tactile experience of your hands and hearts coming together in a divine embrace, and then say to your beloved, “Darling, you know, I’m here for you.” 

How to Start Your Own Community Group

Why would you want to start your own community group?

As a business owner, it’s a great idea to start a community group for several reasons: networking, leadership, continued education, and community involvement.

For this post, let’s pretend you own a landscaping business. 🙂 Here’s how you might go about starting your own community group:

  1. What is your mission (and name)?

    Write your groups mission statement. Traditionally, a mission statement is supposed to include what your doing and for who. For example, “Our mission is to become ambassadors of vegetable gardening for our community .” The Determine your group name.
  2. What are your objectives?

    Determine what you want to achieve from this group. For example, “Our objective is to help people in our community start their own vegetable gardens.”
  3. How you will achieve your objectives?

    What will you be doing in your meeting? For example: “We will achieve our objectives by learning about all the different types of vegetable gardening (containers, hanging, low-space, low-light, square-foot, etc.) and by hosting free community vegetable gardening workshops.” This means you may be watching videos, referencing books, and going to other workshops together to enhance you own skills. You may also be using you meetings to plan the regular workshops.
  4. Where will you meet?

    You could meet in your local library’s conference room (call them to reserve it first!); at a local coffee shop; your house or someone’s from the group.
  5. When will you meet?

    Regular, pre-determined meetings are always better than planning one meeting at a time. Something like “The third Thursday of every month at 6pm” works well.
  6. Plan your first meeting.

    You need to have an agenda for your first meeting. Start with introductions – an ice breaker would be fun! Get to know each others strengths, experience and the reason they decided to come check out the group. Discuss other ways to achieve your objective. Make a list of your top three priorities to achieve in the next year. Then plan your next meeting.
  7. Market your first meeting.

    If it’s mostly people know and you want to keep it smaller, just make sure your friends know when to be there. If you want your friends to spread the word, an email is a good way to go. You can also let the faculty at your local college (in the appropriate department) know about the group and ask if they would distribute fliers to their students (or just pass along the info in another way). Of course, ask the faculty to join as well. Another good source is on your local community online calendar. Finally, your local newspaper (in the appropriate section) is another great place to advertise. You can also consider using an online service such as http://www.meetup.com/ to market (and manage)  your group.
  8. Follow-up from your meetings.

    Pass around a sign-in sheet for each meeting. If they are new members, make sure they include their email address. Send a “thank you” email after the first meeting, remind them of the next meeting (topic and time), and any tasks that were assigned at the first meeting (like, “I’ll bring snacks, you bring drinks, and you bring your lap top!”). Ask them to forward on the email to anyone else that they think would be interested. Two days before the next meeting, send another reminder email.
    You can probably see how networking, leadership, continued education, and community involvement can all be achieved for your professional development. If you’re not sure whether or not you want to do this, start with the first three steps. If you get excited… go for it!

Are you hiding behind social media?

Are you hiding from the world behind your business social media networks?

If so, you’re not alone. Social media makes it easy to remain faceless and voiceless in the business realm. Sometimes we hide on accident and sometimes on purpose. But it is important for your business to put aside your fears and let the world know who you are!

Looking bigger than you really are.

It’s been a common technique of “business gurus” to promote the idea of making your business look bigger than it really is. But that’s not to say that your business has to remain void of any personal interaction whatsoever. Doing so could do more harm than good.

Why does my business need my face and voice?

Time and time again it has been proven that word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective marketing there is – meaning, you have the highest conversion rate of people who you tell to them becoming a customer. And that type of marketing is contagious! Once someone hears it from you, buys it, and loves it – they are going to tell it to someone else in the same way you told it to them!

But what if my business is totally online?

Guess what? Your business is NOT totally online! YOU are a major part of your business. And I doubt you’re a cyborg! Your daily interactions, community involvement, and the things that make you human can and should be used as powerful marketing tools.

When was the last time you talked about your business to someone you know or just met? Not just what you do or what you sell, but why you do it and who your looking to help as clients. Go a bit deeper, more personal, show the world that you are the face and the voice of your online business (even if you fake it and say you are a manager and not the owner!). Keep it up, and you will surely see the rewards 🙂


As in Flying, Business Can Be a Bumpy Ride

I know you’ve heard me talking non-stop about my amazing intensive business training I’m heading to with my mentor, Suzanne Evans. Well, the time has come and I am now flying to Arizona to catch my connecting flight to Charlotte, NC.

While the captain announced a short delay due to mechanical difficulties, I took the opportunity to read through the airline magazine. An article called “Embark” really caught my attention. It addressed the topic of turbulence, defined as, “the irregular, seemingly arbitrary movement of the air that a plane flies trough, caused by a variety of elements – wind blowing across hills, mountains or canyons: the boundaries between the relatively still air and the rapidly moving jet stream at high altitudes: and the updrafts and downdrafts that occur in ad near storms.

Pilots and flight dispatchers go to great lengths both before and during the flight to avoid turbulence. They are provided with some of the most modern tools to avoid areas of unstable air. While these prediction systems continue to advance every day, turbulence can occur on any flight.”

I thought this is a perfect analogy to illustrate the experiences we encounter on our road to success. We all hope for a smoothly ride but the truth of the matter is, that as in flying, no one can prevent turbulence even if we set our intention to avoid the areas of rough air. When you hit a rough patch (and you will,) you need to adapt and adjust “on the fly” so to speak.

Captain Bob Skinner also explained in the article, “In flight atmospheric disturbances can cause wings to move slightly. However, the wings are designed to move like this to increase longevity of the airplane.” So, increase your tolerance to the blow of the wind  and don’t let yourself to take too hard the bumps in life and business.

So, the next time you find yourself being pushed through turbulence, I want you to consider the possibility of slowing down and altering your course of action (being flexible and go with the flow) as necessary, instead of creating more resistance trying to follow blindly the route you set yourself to pursue in the first place.

If you have a chance today I’d like you to look back for a minute and reflect on those rough patches that you have already managed to overcome successfully and identify a time when your outcome over exceeded your expectations due to your ability “to bend your wings through the storms.”

Well, it’s time to board again but I want to suggest some tips to help you smooth the way to your success.

  1. Learn from one of many who’s done the walk before you. Working with a successful coach is a smart way to avoid unnecessary bumps and turns. They have already gone through the stages of trial and error and can provide you with effective and proven tools to ease out your ride. You can find all types of coaches according to your needs or area you are looking to develop, life, business, spiritual, career, health, etc.
  2. Team up. Do you remember that proverb that says that “two heads are better than one?” Join or create a local or online community or mastermind group that offers the opportunity to share ideas, thoughts, information, feedback and resources. You’ll be exposed to different perspectives and approaches to keep moving forward to your destination.
  3. Listen to your gut. You are a unique person, walking a unique path, creating a unique business. You may walk in the footsteps of others but you are called to make your own imprint in the world. Use the information you get from the sources above to create your own route.  Trust your intuition, your internal guidance system to determine your speed, your destination and the stops in between; to self correct your course and to allow your wings to bend with the wind.

“Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.”  Bruce Lee

I Quit!

Just a couple of months ago I made one of the most important decisions in my life and quit my imaginary business to become a true business owner.

You know, moving from hobby owner to business owner hasn’t been the easiest road but the most valuable experience I’ve had lately.

I never imagined how my life would be affected once I made the decision to follow my passion. Yes, that was all it took to turn my life and business around, a decision!

It was not lack of money what was holding me back. It was not lack of time either, or skills or support. You see, if these all were necessary I wouldn’t be talking about my new business now because I would have plenty of reasons to not even think about building a business. In fact, I could say that my circumstances now have been the least favorable for a business transition. Just to mention a couple, during the last year, my personal income was reduced by at least an 80% due first to complications with my pregnancy and then the premature delivery of my youngest son. In January, an awful accident reduced my income again for a few weeks.

Before, just a single one of these circumstances, had been a good excuse for me to quit, keep playing safe and small, or to avoid investing in training or at least to justify my failures but instead, I chose to stick to my plan of doing all what it took to succeed. I chose to do all that I’ve never done, to have what I’ve never had, to  invest a considerable amount of money to hire a business coach. I chose to see abundance instead of lack and the money kept flowing from unexpected sources until I could finally double my income just a month after I started working with my coach.

It has been hard to recreate my business but has it been worth it? Sure, it has!

I am having the time of my life, loving what I do and making every minute worth living. For the first time I don’t feel that I am a victim of my circumstances but instead the co-creator of my opportunities. By pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I’ve gotten to discover my unlimited potential and reached new heights in my career.

I want to invite you now to do the same, to let go of the self-imposed limitations that are holding you back and take new risks in your business and in your life. Make a decision today. Decide to do all you’ve never done, to have all you’ve never had and live life to the fullest!

I can help you overcome your money blocks, fear and overwhelm that are sabotaging your progress. Follow this link now to book your complimentary Discovery Session to help you Magnify Your Purpose and Your Profit Now!

Living Fearlessly

I’ve been reminded again that life is too short to play it small, to dream shyly, and while I meditate on this, I’ve come to realize how many times I’ve been thrown to revisit and relearn this lesson. So,I’ve decided that I’m no longer waiting for the perfect conditions to act on my dreams.  If I’m to die I want to die trying.
There is always a chance to err, to fail but if I don’t try I’ve already failed. I give myself the chance to thrive today because this moment is my only reality. Tomorrow may come, or not. Today is The day, the day in which to live, laugh and be fulfilled. I only have this life, this time and space to live and I’m determined to live it BIG and I invite YOU, wherever you are and whatever your circumstances to do the same.
There is always more in life to celebrate than to regret, I live, I love, I’m loved, I breathe, I see, I hear, I believe! (How much more can you add?)
You have the power to change your life, to overcome your circumstances, to re-create your reality and start loving life and living fearless.
ALLOW yourself to Dream, Live, laugh, Forgive, Love and Thrive but do it NOW and do it BIG, because this may be the only moment you and I have to do so.