What Is Behind Of Your Fear Of Judgement


One of our biggest fears is the fear of judgment, but fear of being judged, and our own self-judgement can become the biggest blocks on our road to success.

We must strive to let go of the need to judge people and experiences and categorize them as good or bad, right or wrong. Instead, focus on seeing greatness and perfection on ourselves, and all human beings.

If you could fully embrace the perfect being you are, how more joyful life would be?

What would you dare pursue?

Would you give yourself permission to dream big?

Stop trying to prove yourself worthy!

You’re worth isn’t determined by what you do, or have, but by who you are, a divine child of God.

Every morning, take the time to acknowledge your divine nature. Consider what you can manifest as the powerful co-creator you are, and see your life unfolding perfectly, right now, right here.

You are the creator of your destiny. Start living life without limits!


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Forgive and Heal

How often do you allow yourself to sit with your emotions?

Most people just don’t it because raw emotions can be very painful.

Until we learn the importance of both, facing our emotions and digging deep to get to the root causes
for our behaviors, we will keep having the same responses to certain triggers. PERIOD.

In other words, if you had an experience as a child that caused you to feel abandoned, you may still be
running the core belief that you don’t deserve to be loved, and no matter how your relationship with your
partner goes you always end up feeling physically or emotionally abandoned.

You may even start to push your partner away to validate your belief, and to avoid the pain caused
by the anticipated rejection.  Whether your partner leaves on his/her own, or you push him/her away,
the result is the same, you will experience abandonment. (Been there. Done that ):)


This must and can change. Yes, you can forgive and heal. You can CHANGE the limiting beliefs that block your ability to create abundance and success in every area of your life.

You can CHOOSE to respond in a healthy way. You can make the CHOICE of taking responsibility for your thinking and responses.

As Viktor Frankl described it, this choice is “the ultimate of human freedom – the choice of attitude in any situation, no matter how adverse the circumstances.”

It’s time for you to start living life without limits, and I’m here to assist you to achieve your deepest
desires. Let’s do it!

Simply, contact me to schedule an “INNER” Discovery Session.

Live Life Without Limits!


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Live in the Moment!

A message from Dr. Wayne Dyer…

I love this message so much that I had to share it here. I hope you enjoy it and follow Dr. Wayne Dyer’s wisdom. If you want to sign up for Wayne’s Weekly Wisdom follow the link at the end of this article.

This day that you’re living right now is the only day you get. Period. You can resolve to be skinny when next July rolls around, or to quit smoking next month, or to write that book you’ve been meaning to, or to embark on your overdue exercise program by the end of this year. You can go about resolving until the cows come home, and you still have to live your life just like everyone else on the planet: One day at a time.

You can only live minute to minute. You can certainly use up your present moments thinking about what you’ll be doing in the future, but that doesn’t change the fact that you can only live in the now. The important question to be asking yourself is:

How am I going to live in the present moment this year?


Will I waste these moments reviewing the way I used to behave? Will I waste these moments reviewing how I would like to behave in the future rather than resolving to live each day to the fullest?

The New Year is a good time to initiate a plan so you can make some changes and help live your life to the fullest. See if you can practice thinking differently. Decide very specifically what it is that you would like to change about yourself in 2015. If you have some goals in mind, vow to work on them day by day rather than making them a year-long project.

When you set up day-to-day goals for yourself, you can begin living this way for the rest of your life. Remember this little piece of advice, which will be extremely helpful to you if you can incorporate it into your life: When you go for one entire day without eating sugar (or not smoking, or being assertive, or any other new behavior), you are a totally different person at the end of that day. What you must learn to do is let that totally different person decide on the second day whether to do it again on this new day, rather than letting the same old person decide today that it is going to be difficult in a couple of days anyhow, so what’s the use. Always let the New You make the decision, and then you’ll be living your present moments.

Remember, you are in control of all thoughts in your head. When you are using up your present moments to worry about the future, constantly reviewing the past to come up with how you should have done it differently, or contemplating disaster, remind yourself that you are wasting this particular present moment.

Practice cancelling out negative thoughts for a few minutes at a time. Vow to enjoy the next five minutes regardless of what has previously transpired or what you think is about to happen. Remind yourself of the folly of wasting your present moments on mental activity that focuses exclusively on your past or imagined future. All of your thoughts about what you should have done, or how terrible things were in the past will not change one tiny slice of the past.

As you celebrate this New Year and each precious present moment, here are 10 reminders to help you live in the Now:

  1. Remember that habits are changed by practicing new behavior. By practicing new thinking every five mintues, you’ll soon begin to master the art of present-moment living.
  2. Do an honest assessment of your “problems.” You’ll very likely discover that almost all of your problems are really in your head and not located in reality.
  3. Take time to be mindful of everything around you. Begin to look at your entire surroundings in a new light. Observe every detail on every face, every building and every object. If you do this often enough it will become a habit that will facilitate your being alive in every moment of the year.
  4. Change your attitude. Begin an attitude-redevelopment plan. That means practice enjoying everything you do.
  5. Be specific about what you want and take action. Decide on one thing that you would like to work on and do it today. Work at it daily, rather than making it a long-range objective.
  6. Create a self-improvement agenda for yourself. Put on your agenda whatever activities you’ve always thought about but never had time to do. Do them now.
  7. Rid yourself of mundane chores that are not really that important. Spend more time making your life a pleasure.
  8. Eliminate procrastination as a lifestyle. Instead of talking to yourself about what you are going to do next week or even tomorrow, use this time to start a new task.
  9. Don’t give up control of your life to others. You cannot enjoy the present moment if you are busy trying to make everyone else like you. People respect you more when you operate from a position of strength and self-reliance.
  10. Feel good about yourself. You are a magnificent human being. Always feel good about that self that you are always with.

For 2015, as I have for many other years, I vow to be fully alive and see the world the way Walt Whitman described it to be many years ago: “To me…every cubic inch of space is a miracle.” I really believe that.

I wish you a New Year filled with many miracles. May you live a long and productive life—one present moment at a time.

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Original Source:
Wayne’s Weekly Newsletter

Life is About the Rise, Not the Fall

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.


Make life about the rise, not the fall. Next time you feel you’ve slowed down, look back to see how far you’ve come, and look ahead to bring your attention back to your goal, and GO FOR IT!

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.
John Quincy

A Forgiveness Process


“As I forgive myself, I know that I’m forgiving all, for I am everyone and everyone is me.”

Go back as far as you can remember and take an inventory through the years.

Bring to light every person, situation, condition or experience that struck a discordant chord in consciousness. Now with a purpose of mind and with all the love you can feel in your heart, stir up the gift of forgiveness.

Forgive everyone and everything without exception. Then forgive yourself totally and continue with the forgiveness action until you feel free, clear, and clean throughout your being.

John Randolph Price

Wallace D Watts Words of Wisdom


Wallace D Watts

(These are wise words and thoughts of Wallace D. Watts. I see this point of view as valid today as it was in the 1800’s. I know it is hard to comprehend it, and wrap it around the mind, when we are witnessing so many horrible things happening. The changes we desire will occur as we, as a society, reach higher levels of consciousness, and as we choose to see the perfection and greatness in every being, we will manifest more of that. Lilian)

“All’s right with the world.” That is the great fact. There is nothing wrong with
anything; there is nothing wrong with anybody.
All the facts of life you must contemplate from this standpoint.
There is nothing wrong with nature. Nature is a great advancing presence working beneficently for the happiness of all. All things in Nature are good; she has no evil.
She is not completed; for creation is still unfinished, but she is going on to give to man even more bountifully than she has given to him in the past. Nature is a partial expression of God, and God is love. She is perfect but not complete.

So it is of human society and government. What though there are trusts and
combinations of capital and strikes and lockouts and so on. All these things are part of the forward movement; they are incidental to the evolutionary process of completing society. When it is complete there will be harmony; but it cannot be completed without them. J. P. Morgan is as necessary to the coming social order as the strange animals of the age of reptiles were to the life of the succeeding period, and just as these animals were perfect after their kind, so Morgan is perfect after his kind.
Behold it is all very good. See government, and industry as being perfect now, and as advancing rapidly toward being complete; then you will understand that there is nothing to fear, no cause for anxiety, nothing to worry about. Never complain of any of these things. They are perfect; this is the very best possible world for the stage of development man has reached.

Wallace D. Watts

Your True Worth. A Meditation by John Randolph Price

A Meditation

I came into this world with a very specific purpose.
I came to fulfill a mission.
I came to love life and realize the truth about me.
I came to contribute to the salvation of this world.

I am part of God and the fullness of the
Godhead dwells in me.
In the Mind of God, no one, or no thing
is useless or meaningless.
Everyone and everything is of critical importance
to the balance and order of the universe.
Without me, God would not be complete.
Without me, the universe would lose
its equilibrium.

All that is before me to,
I do with happy enthusiasm.
For nothing is too insignificant.
And never again will there be a sense
of futility in my life.

I am overflowing with gratitude to the Father for
the opportunity to be in physical form at this time.
I am so thankful to be right where I am, right now,
serving all who come my way with love,
joy, understanding, and forgiveness.

Recognizing my true worth,
I now go forth with uplifted vision.
I see with the inner eye the loving and
prospering activity of the Christ within.
I see with my physical eyes
lavish abundance everywhere.
I am peaceful, powerful, and poised,
for I know who I am.

By John Randolph Price from the book “The Success Book”.
©1998 John Randolph Price. All rights reserved.

Your Flaws are Perfect!

“Your flaws are perfect for the heart that’s meant to love you.”

That is the quote that touched my heart deeply as I watched this inspiring video. I did a quick, partial transcript of the content. You must watch and listen this video with an open heart, and please share it…Everyone needs to hear this!

I want you to smile at yourself because you are beautiful. And let nothing, nobody, no opinion tell you any different. I learned about life that most people are going to see your flaws and that’s your beauty. It’s sad but its’ true. You’re going to be imperfect to most but you will always be perfect to the heart God has for you.

There’s gonna be somebody, somewhere, at sometime that is going to find something wrong with you. But the something wrong they find it’s nothing but the something right to the heart that’s searching for you. You might be too big, or too small in their eyes but you’re the perfect size for the heart that’s meant to love you…

The first step to be unhappy in life is trying to please everybody else. People have different taste, but never let those differences make you insecure of who you are. I want you to stop spending so much time in the mirror judging yourself, critiquing yourself, bashing yourself, and I want you to start spending the rest of your days, loving and appreciating yourself. You are beautiful because God says so, and that’s all the confirmation that you need. ..

Your flaws are perfect for the heart that’s meant to love you. Find someone who accepts you for you. Never forget that. I want you to stay beautiful and I want you to keep practicing that smile. All starts with you!

Spirit is whispering. Are you listening?

Spirit is whispering. It does it always!

There is so much power in the silence, and still we are sometimes so afraid to experience it fully.

I have always cherished the solitude and the wisdom you can tap into as you quiet your mind, or at least lower the intensity of your mental chatter.

Are you taking time daily to tune into the sounds of the silence, and commune with your Higher Power and inner wisdom?

I do need this reminder so often. It is so easy to get caught up on the rush of life, and to forget our way back to that sacred place where we can truly embrace our own magnificence, and replenish and renew our spirits. I am delighted when I can remember where this sacred place is. Not a physical or tangible place, but one that you can create wherever you go because it flourishes from the depths of your heart and soul, and through a sincere intent and desire.


Spirit’s whispering, and all you have to do is stop and listen!



Pushing Yourself Beyond Your Limits

Have you been too long on your comfort zone?

It’s out of the comfort zone where you become aware of your true potential.