QRI Low-Level Laser: Transformation at the Speed of Light

In order to continue offering a whole body-mind-spirit wellness approach, I’ve integrated a new therapy that is backed up by more than 8000 research studies called Quantum Reflex Integration or QRI for short.  Low-level laser (or light) therapy (LLLT)—also known as a cold or soft laser, bio stimulation, or photo bio-modulation, is a therapeutic tool that includes low-level red, violet, and near-Infrared light from lasers or LEDs.

qri harmonic
Doctors, dentists, physical therapists, and other medical professionals use cold laser therapy in a variety of ways. The main uses for cold laser therapy are tissue repair and relief from pain and inflammation. The QRI system also integrates sound frequencies for cellular regeneration. According to Bonnie Brandes, creator of the QRI Harmonic System, “the use of cold laser therapy is growing in traditional medical practice and as complementary or alternative therapy. Under the care of a doctor or qualified practitioner, cold laser therapy is considered safe. Also on the plus side, it’s noninvasive, painless, and there’s no need for medication or other preparation. There are generally no side effects or reported adverse events.”

Below is some information as to how cold laser has been and is being used by various professionals.

Doctors, dentists, physical therapists, and other medical professionals use cold laser therapy in a variety of ways. The main uses for cold laser therapy are tissue repair and relief from pain and inflammation.

Minor Injuries and Sprains
Sports medicine and physical therapy practices use cold laser therapy in the treatment of minor injuries and sprains. It is used to help reduce swelling and promote healing of the joints and soft tissue.

Dentists use cold lasers to treat inflamed tissues in the mouth and to heal ulcerations. Doctors also use it to treat inflammation caused by arthritis and other chronic autoimmune diseases.

Aches and Pains
Pain clinics use it to help people who suffer from chronic pain. Therapeutic massage therapy sometimes involves cold laser therapy.

Skin Rejuvenation
Cold laser therapy is used to promote skin rejuvenation. Dermatologists use it to treat various skin problems such as ulcers, burns, inflammation of the skin (edema), and rashes (dermatitis).”

During the last 6 months, I’ve used the QRI low-level laser system in my “Total Innergy Scan” and the “Stress and Emotional Release” sessions. The first is a comprehensive assessment of the energy flow within your physical, emotional, and mental system to bring you back to balance through Targeted Nutritional and Energetic Intervention. I will share more information about the benefits you will experience during these sessions. In the meantime, please read David’s testimonial below.

Lilian Llanos offers Quantum Reflex Integration sessions at her office, in Ogden, Utah. Contact Lilian by email at lilian@lilianllanos.com, or by phone 267-875-3835 and experience transformation at the speed of light!


How to Practice Self-care

When you think about nurturing yourself, do you ever wonder what are the best ways to do it. Read below and learn how to practice self-care.

“We’ll go to the doctor when we feel flu-ish or a nagging pain. So why don’t we practice self-care and see a health professional when we feel emotional pain: guilt, loss, loneliness?

Too many of us deal with common psychological-health issues on our own, says Guy Winch. But we don’t have to. He makes a compelling case to practice emotional hygiene — taking care of our emotions, our minds, with the same diligence we take care of our bodies.”

Energy Psychology is a mind-body approach that focuses on balancing the bio-energetic system to bring balance at all levels. If you’re ready to lower your stress levels, improve your overall feeling of wellness, there are gentle techniques that can help you achieve your goal.

Lilian is an experienced Energy Psychology practitioner located in Ogden, Utah. She has helped thousand of people worldwide release emotional and physical pain. Schedule a session today, and free yourself from unnecessary burden to start moving forward with ease!

Lilian will also share with you easy-to-implement tips to master and practice self-care.

Call or text 801-941-2947 to schedule a time to relax and recharge yourself!

Reiki: Restore, Re-balance and Renew

Are you stressed?

Mentally and/or physically exhausted?

Believe it or not, your body is programmed to heal, to nourish and restore itself to wholeness and wellness. But in order to perform these processes it is necessary to deactivate the “fight or flight” mode that daily, physical or mental stress triggers, so your system can focus on restoring the body’s own ability to heal itself.

Reiki is a gentle, alternative therapy that helps you Restore, Re-balance and Renew your MIND – BODY – SOUL harmony.

reiki ngsRecent research supports what Chinese medicine has promoted for thousand years , the correlation between emotions and dis-ease. Unresolved emotions are stored in the physical body causing an array of symptoms ranging from chronic pain, insomnia, headaches, weight issues and hormonal imbalance.

A Reiki treatment works at deeper levels to solve the underlying cause of both, physical and emotional issues instead of masking the symptoms. Several organizations across the nation are offering alternative therapies like Reiki to its employees to reduce health care costs and reduce absenteism while supporting the individual’s wellbeing.

Parker Hannifin, a fortune 250 manufacturing company offer its employees, nationwide, access to holistic care as part of the company’s preventative wellness program. Lilian Llanos is credentialed through NGS CoreSource as Reiki Practitioner to assist clients in overcoming stress and releasing emotional burden.

The Reiki Session

Reiki TreatmentDuring a Reiki session, you will lie down or sit comfortably, fully clothed. The practitioner may keep the hands lightly on or just above body, palms down, using a sequence of 12 to 15 different hand positions. Each position is held for about 2 to 5 minutes, or until the flow of energy is needed. You may experience the energy flow as warmth or tingling as you are also immersed in a deep feeling of calmness.

The number of sessions needed depends on the client’s issues and goals.

To schedule your Session call 267-UPLEVEL



As the NCCIH Clearinghouse highlights,

Reiki should not be used to replace conventional care or to postpone seeing a health care provider about a health problem. If you have severe or long-lasting symptoms, see your health care provider. You may have a health problem that needs prompt treatment.

Tell all your health care providers about any complementary health approaches you use. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care. For tips about talking with your health care providers about complementary health approaches, see NCCIH’s Time to Talk campaign.


“When I scheduled my first Reiki session, it was during the most stressful time of my life. Long story short, it felt like my entire world had turned upside down. Something inside me told me that I deserved to have reiki. And from the first time I met Lilian, I felt drawn to her peaceful energy. During the session, I was so relaxed that I actually fell asleep, and that is NOT normal for me! The best way I can describe the peace I felt is that it felt as though I was being cradled and loved in the arms of my Creator. I believe with all of my heart that this is Lilian’s divine purpose and I thank her for sharing her light with me.”

Jennifer Slaughter Rock Your World Jewelry North Ogden, Utah

“Thank you for helping my first Reiki session to be calming. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. There are still questions about what happened, but there are no stresses about what happened. The calm feeling I felt was similar to the calm feeling I experience on the temple. After pondering on the experience, I’d say it was like a spiritual massage with physical cues.”


David Hill Roy, Utah

What Is Behind Of Your Fear Of Judgement


One of our biggest fears is the fear of judgment, but fear of being judged, and our own self-judgement can become the biggest blocks on our road to success.

We must strive to let go of the need to judge people and experiences and categorize them as good or bad, right or wrong. Instead, focus on seeing greatness and perfection on ourselves, and all human beings.

If you could fully embrace the perfect being you are, how more joyful life would be?

What would you dare pursue?

Would you give yourself permission to dream big?

Stop trying to prove yourself worthy!

You’re worth isn’t determined by what you do, or have, but by who you are, a divine child of God.

Every morning, take the time to acknowledge your divine nature. Consider what you can manifest as the powerful co-creator you are, and see your life unfolding perfectly, right now, right here.

You are the creator of your destiny. Start living life without limits!


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Forgive and Heal

How often do you allow yourself to sit with your emotions?

Most people just don’t it because raw emotions can be very painful.

Until we learn the importance of both, facing our emotions and digging deep to get to the root causes
for our behaviors, we will keep having the same responses to certain triggers. PERIOD.

In other words, if you had an experience as a child that caused you to feel abandoned, you may still be
running the core belief that you don’t deserve to be loved, and no matter how your relationship with your
partner goes you always end up feeling physically or emotionally abandoned.

You may even start to push your partner away to validate your belief, and to avoid the pain caused
by the anticipated rejection.  Whether your partner leaves on his/her own, or you push him/her away,
the result is the same, you will experience abandonment. (Been there. Done that ):)


This must and can change. Yes, you can forgive and heal. You can CHANGE the limiting beliefs that block your ability to create abundance and success in every area of your life.

You can CHOOSE to respond in a healthy way. You can make the CHOICE of taking responsibility for your thinking and responses.

As Viktor Frankl described it, this choice is “the ultimate of human freedom – the choice of attitude in any situation, no matter how adverse the circumstances.”

It’s time for you to start living life without limits, and I’m here to assist you to achieve your deepest
desires. Let’s do it!

Simply, contact me to schedule an “INNER” Discovery Session.

Live Life Without Limits!


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Your Feelings Are Valid

It’s been a rough day.

I’ve been riding the emotional roller coaster we’ve all experienced in life. For the first time since his birth, I felt that my son who has Down Syndrome had been excluded.

I had a long pity party even though part of me knew it was my decision to stay in that space or turn it around and move on, and still, I chose the first.

I guess, I simply needed to let my emotions run wild for a bit to come back to balance later.

Even though part of me knew there was no reason to feel that way, my feelings felt so real that it was all that matter to me. It was real. It was valid, because the feelings were real.

Then, I felt compassion for every one experiencing any type of sorrow. I thought how unfair it is for anyone to dare to judge anyone’s feelings and responses to emotional triggers, or even your own.

After a very cleansing cry, the sadness turned into peacefulness. Now, I just hope I can be more compassionate with everyone in the future. And that I also allow myself to experience my emotions as they come without being judgmental.

Your feelings are valid!

Feelings are valid


The Chakra System

Chakra, presently gaining popularity and becoming a household word, dates back to the Vedas (1,500 – 500 B.C.) in India. When speaking of Chakra we have to think in terms of energy. This is because it pertains to the seven energy centers in our body where our consciousness and energy system is composed. This is a Sanskrit word which originally means “wheel” referring to the chariot wheels of the rulers or the cakravartin. However, it really signifies the sun which denotes the eternal wheel of time called the kalacakra. Despite its early beginnings, in our generation, the study of chakra has definitely come of age.

Chakra System

What is the significance of studying the chakra system then? How is it useful to us?

The Chakra system consists of seven chakra points or energy centers which function like valves or pumps that regulate the flow of energy through our energy system. This shows the correlation between functioning of our chakras and our decisions / responses concerning life conditions. It has everything to do with our perceptual experience of the world around us. We either open or close these “valves” based on what we think, feel and how we want to embrace life. All these conscious thoughts and states of mind can be categorized into seven chakras associated with one of the seven endocrine glands and a group of nerves called the plexus. The seven chakras are the following: Crown chakra, Brow chakra, Throat chakra, Heart chakra, Solar Plexus chakra, Sex or Orange chakra and Root chakra.

Each chakra represents a particular part and a function within the body and detected by a particular nerve of the plexus associated with that bodily part. So when we have a conscious thought, tension or stress, this is felt by a particular chakra and transmitted by the nerves of the plexus of that particular body part. What started in the metaphysical realm is translated into the physical – there is now a physical symptom that will manifest.

The symptom reflects our mindset, how we create our reality – it shows us what we are doing to ourselves from the level of consciousness. It sort of gives us a feedback on the way our conscious thought molds and creates the physical existence that we have.

Thus, it is clear that it is highly important that we start understanding the chakras so as to understand the relationship between our consciousness and our body. It is advised that we start seeing our bodies as a map of our consciousness in order to gain a better understanding of our own selves and of the people around us. In believing that anything is possible, we are opening ourselves to a physical reality where anything and everything is possible. All these will require a thorough study and understanding of the chakra system and its relevance to us.


Live in the Moment!

A message from Dr. Wayne Dyer…

I love this message so much that I had to share it here. I hope you enjoy it and follow Dr. Wayne Dyer’s wisdom. If you want to sign up for Wayne’s Weekly Wisdom follow the link at the end of this article.

This day that you’re living right now is the only day you get. Period. You can resolve to be skinny when next July rolls around, or to quit smoking next month, or to write that book you’ve been meaning to, or to embark on your overdue exercise program by the end of this year. You can go about resolving until the cows come home, and you still have to live your life just like everyone else on the planet: One day at a time.

You can only live minute to minute. You can certainly use up your present moments thinking about what you’ll be doing in the future, but that doesn’t change the fact that you can only live in the now. The important question to be asking yourself is:

How am I going to live in the present moment this year?


Will I waste these moments reviewing the way I used to behave? Will I waste these moments reviewing how I would like to behave in the future rather than resolving to live each day to the fullest?

The New Year is a good time to initiate a plan so you can make some changes and help live your life to the fullest. See if you can practice thinking differently. Decide very specifically what it is that you would like to change about yourself in 2015. If you have some goals in mind, vow to work on them day by day rather than making them a year-long project.

When you set up day-to-day goals for yourself, you can begin living this way for the rest of your life. Remember this little piece of advice, which will be extremely helpful to you if you can incorporate it into your life: When you go for one entire day without eating sugar (or not smoking, or being assertive, or any other new behavior), you are a totally different person at the end of that day. What you must learn to do is let that totally different person decide on the second day whether to do it again on this new day, rather than letting the same old person decide today that it is going to be difficult in a couple of days anyhow, so what’s the use. Always let the New You make the decision, and then you’ll be living your present moments.

Remember, you are in control of all thoughts in your head. When you are using up your present moments to worry about the future, constantly reviewing the past to come up with how you should have done it differently, or contemplating disaster, remind yourself that you are wasting this particular present moment.

Practice cancelling out negative thoughts for a few minutes at a time. Vow to enjoy the next five minutes regardless of what has previously transpired or what you think is about to happen. Remind yourself of the folly of wasting your present moments on mental activity that focuses exclusively on your past or imagined future. All of your thoughts about what you should have done, or how terrible things were in the past will not change one tiny slice of the past.

As you celebrate this New Year and each precious present moment, here are 10 reminders to help you live in the Now:

  1. Remember that habits are changed by practicing new behavior. By practicing new thinking every five mintues, you’ll soon begin to master the art of present-moment living.
  2. Do an honest assessment of your “problems.” You’ll very likely discover that almost all of your problems are really in your head and not located in reality.
  3. Take time to be mindful of everything around you. Begin to look at your entire surroundings in a new light. Observe every detail on every face, every building and every object. If you do this often enough it will become a habit that will facilitate your being alive in every moment of the year.
  4. Change your attitude. Begin an attitude-redevelopment plan. That means practice enjoying everything you do.
  5. Be specific about what you want and take action. Decide on one thing that you would like to work on and do it today. Work at it daily, rather than making it a long-range objective.
  6. Create a self-improvement agenda for yourself. Put on your agenda whatever activities you’ve always thought about but never had time to do. Do them now.
  7. Rid yourself of mundane chores that are not really that important. Spend more time making your life a pleasure.
  8. Eliminate procrastination as a lifestyle. Instead of talking to yourself about what you are going to do next week or even tomorrow, use this time to start a new task.
  9. Don’t give up control of your life to others. You cannot enjoy the present moment if you are busy trying to make everyone else like you. People respect you more when you operate from a position of strength and self-reliance.
  10. Feel good about yourself. You are a magnificent human being. Always feel good about that self that you are always with.

For 2015, as I have for many other years, I vow to be fully alive and see the world the way Walt Whitman described it to be many years ago: “To me…every cubic inch of space is a miracle.” I really believe that.

I wish you a New Year filled with many miracles. May you live a long and productive life—one present moment at a time.

Dyer's signature


Original Source:
Wayne’s Weekly Newsletter

The Subconscious Mind and The Inner Process

The Importance of working with the Subconscious Mind

The information stored in the subconscious mind determines how we view, face and respond to our life experiences. To explain the concept, we usually represent the mind with the image of an iceberg, as you can see below. The top part represents the conscious mind, and the bottom part represents the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is the part that does all the thinking and reasoning, and it takes about a 10% of the mind capacity. It is where your will resides, and where you make decisions and choices.


The subconscious mind, also called the emotional or feeling mind, holds every single one of your thoughts, feelings or ideas. This part of the mind also controls the processes that occur in your body without your conscious effort. Breathing, pumping blood in and out of your heart, and also driving, and riding a bike are good examples. Once the ideas and thoughts are impressed in the subconscious mind, they become part of your personality.

People often come for assistance to release emotions or experiences based on what they believe is causing the issues determined at a conscious level. The INNER Process allows the practitioner to detect the core issue determining the negative emotional responses that challenge us.


Emotional Cause of Diseases – Louise Hay

You Can Heal Your Life : a book that reveals the emotional cause of diseases – Louise Hay – and its corresponding affirmations to overcome physical and emotional challenges like depression, anxiety and grief.

(A-B) Spirit Meaning-Diseases & Affirmations
ACNE: Not Accepting or disliking self
AFFIRMATION:The love and acceptance I have for myself is reflected in my outer appearance
ADDICTIONS: Running away from self, Not facing the fear. Not knowing how to love the self.
AFFIRMATION: It is safe to look within for the answers I seek.
AIDS: Feeling defenseless and hopeless. Denial of the true inner being, or sexual guilt
AFFIRMATION: I love and appreciate all of myself for the unique, powerful and capable person I am.
ALCOHOLISM / ABUSE : Futility, guilt, inadequacy, self-rejection
AFFIRMATION: I live in the now. Each moment is new. I choose to see my self-worth.I love and approve of myself.
ALLERGY & HAYFEVER: You are allergic to someone who or yourself denies your power
AFFIRMATION:The world is safe and friendly. I am safe. I am at peace with life.
ALZHEIMERS: Refusal to deal with the world as it is.
AFFIRMATION: There is always a new and better way for me to experience life. I forgive and release the past. I move into joy.
ANKLE PROBLEMS: Inflexibility and guilt Inability to receive pleasure.
AFFIRMATION: I deserve to rejoice in life. I accept all the pleasure life has to offer.
ANOREXIA: Denying the self and life. Extreme fear of rejection.
AFFIRMATION: It is safe for me. I am wonderful just as I am. I choose joy and self-acceptance.
ANXIETY / NERVOUSNESS: Distrust the natural flow of life.
AFFIRMATION: I love and approve of myself and I trust in the process of life. I am safe.
ARTERIOSCLEROSIS: Hardened narrow-mindedness.
AFFIRMATION: I am completely open to life and to joy. I choose to see with love.
ARM PROBLEMS: Can’t hold on to lifes experiences.
AFFIRMATION: I lovingly hold and embrace my experiences with love and joy
ARTHRITIS: Feeling unloved, criticism, resentment
AFFIRMATION: I am love. I now choose to love and approve of myself. I see others with love.
BACK (upper): Lack of emotional support, or feeling unloved.
AFFIRMATION: I love and approve of myself. Life supports and loves me.
BACK (middle): Guilt. Stuck in all that stuff back there or Get off my back.
AFFIRMATION: I release the past. I am free to move forward with love in my heart.
BACK (lower): Financial woes and concerns.
AFFIRMATION: I trust the process of life. All I need is taken care of. I am safe.
BALDNESS: Fear, tension. Trying to control everything and not trusting in the process of life.
AFFIRMATION: I am safe. I love and approve of myself. I trust life.
BLACKHEADS (pimples): Small outbursts of anger.
AFFIRMATION: I calm my thoughts and I am serene
(B-C) Spirit Meaning-Diseases & Affirmations
BLOOD PRESSURE: HIGH (hypertension): Longstanding emotional problems not solved. LOW: Lack of love as a child. Defeatism. “Whats the use? It won’t work anyway.”
AFFIRMATION: HIGH: I joyously release the past. I am at peace. LOW: I now choose to ive in the ever-joyous NOW. My life is a joy.
BONE BREAKS: Rebelling against authority.
AFFIRMATION: I am the only authority in my world for I am the only one who thinks in my mind.
BOWEL PROBLEMS: Fear of letting go
AFFIRMATION: I freely and easily release the old and joyously welcome the new.
BREAST (left):Feeling unloved, refusal to nourish oneself. Putting everyone else first.
AFFIRMATION: I am loved and nourished by all around me
BREAST (right): Over protection, over bearing, difficulty in giving love.
AFFIRMATION:I embrace and trust life knowing that I am safe and loved. I choose to love and be loved.
BREATHING PROBLEMS: Fear or the refusal to take in life. Not feeling worthy to take up space.
AFFIRMATION:It is my birthright to live fully and freely. I am worth loving. I now choose to live life fully
BRONCHITIS: Inflamed family environment.
AFFIRMATION: I experience peace and harmony within myself and all around me. All is well.
BRUISES: Self-punishment.
AFFIRMATION: I love and cherish myself. I am kind and gentle with myself. All is well.
BULIMIA: Hopeless terror. Purging self hatred.
AFFIRMATION: I am loved, nourished and supported by life. It is safe for me to be alive.
BURNS: Anger, burning up inside.
AFFIRMATION: I create only peace and harmony within myself and in my environment. I deserve to feel good.
CANCER: What’s eating at you? Deep hurt, secret or grief.
AFFIRMATION: I lovingly forgive and release all of the past. I choose to fill my life with joy. I love and approve of myself.
CARPAL TUNNEL: Anger and frustrations at life’s seeming injustices.
AFFIRMATION: I now choose to create a life that is abundant. I am at ease.
CHOLESTEROL (high): Clogging the channels of joy.
CIRCULATION: Lack of joy or the lack of circulation of ideas.
AFFIRMATION: Joyous new ideas are circulating freely within me
COLDS: Too much going on at once. Mental confusion and disorder.
AFFIRMATION: I allow my mind to relax and be at peace. Clarity and harmony are within me and all around me.
COLIC: Mental irritation. Annoyance with surroundings
AFFIRMATION: This child only responds to love and loving thoughts. All is peaceful.
(C-F) Spirit Meaning-Diseases & Affirmations
COMA: Fear. Trying to escape from something or someone.
AFFIRMATION: We surround you with safety and love. We create a space for you to heal. You are loved.
CONSTIPATION: Refusing to release old ideas
AFFIRMATION: As I release the past, the new and fresh and vital enter. I allow life to flow through me.
COUGHS: A desire to bark at the world. “Listen to me!”
AFFIRMATION: I am noticed and appreciated in the most positive ways. I am loved.
DEPRESSION: Anger, hopelessness.
AFFIRMATION: I now go beyond other peoples fears and limitations. I create my own life.
DIABETES: Longing for what might have been. No sweetness left in life.
AFFIRMATION: This moment is filled with joy. I now choose to experience the sweetness of today.
DIARRHEA: Fear and rejecting. Running off or away from something/someone.
AFFIRMATION: My intake, assimilation and elimination are in perfect order. I am at peace with life.
DIZZINESS Flighty, scattered thinking.
AFFIRMATION: I am deeply centered and at peace with life. It is safe for me to be alive and joyous.
EAR PROBLEMS: Not wanting to hear. Anger or too much turmoil
AFFIRMATION: I hear with Love
ELBOW PROBLEMS: Not being flexible, not able to change directions or accept new experiences.
AFFIRMATION: I easily flow with with new experiences, new directions and new changes.
EYE (astigmatism): Fear of “seeing” the self
AFFIRMATION: I am now willing to see my own beauty and magnificence.
EYES (cataracts): Inability to see ahead with joy
AFFIRMATION: Life is eternal and filled with Joy
EYE PROBLEMS: (children) Not wanting to see what’s going on in the family
AFFIRMATION: Harmony and joy and beauty and safety now surround the child.
EYE (farsighted): Fear of the present
AFFIRMATION: I am safe in the hear and now. I see that clearly
EYE (nearsighted): Fear of the future.
AFFIRMATION: I accept life and am always safe
EYE STY: Looking at life through angry eyes. Angry at someone.
AFFIRMATION: I choose to see everyone and everything with joy and love.
FAINTING: Fear, can’t cope, blacking out what’s really going on.
AFFIRMATION: I am strong and powerful and I have the knowledge and ability to handle everything in my life
(F-H) Spirit Meaning – Diseases & Affirmations
FEET PROBLEMS: Fear of the future or not wanting to move forward.
AFFIRMATION: I understand clearly and I am willing to change with the times. I am safe.
FEMALE PROBLEMS: Denial of the self and rejecting the feminine aspects within.
AFFIRMATION: I rejoice in the feminine. I love being a women and I love my body
FEVERS & INFECTIONS: Anger, burning up.
AFFIRMATION: I am the cool, calm expression of peace and love
FIBROIDS: Nursing a hurt from a partner, a blow to the feminine ego
AFFIRMATION:I release the pattern in me that attracted this experience. I create only good in my life
FINGER (thumb): Worry, always thinking. Being ‘under someone’s thumb’.
AFFIRMATION: My mind is at peace
FINGER (index): Fear of authority, or egotistical; abusing your authority.
AFFIRMATION: I am secure
FLU: Responding to mass negativity. Putting too much faith in statistics.
AFFIRMATION: I am beyond group beliefs or the calendar. I am free from all congestion and influence.
GAS PAIN (flatulence):Undigested ideas or concerns.
AFFIRMATION: I relax and let life flow through me with ease.
GRAY HAIR: Stress, feeling under pressure and strain.
AFFIRMATION: I am strong and capable. I am at peace and comfortable in every area of my life.
GUM PROBLEMS: Inability to back up decisions. Being wishy-washy about life.
AFFIRMATION: I am a decisive person. I follow through and support myself with love
HAND PROBLEMS: Grasping on to tight, not wanting to let go. Not ‘handling’ things well.
AFFIRMATION: I choose to handle all my experiences with love and with joy and with ease.
HEADACHES: Self-criticism. Not wanting to accept what is going on
AFFIRMATION: I love and approve of myself. I see myself and what I do with eyes of love. I am safe.
HEART ATTACK: Squeezing all the joy out of life, in favor of money or position.
AFFIRMATION: I bring joy back to the center of my heart. I express love to all.
HEARTBURN (reflux): Clutching onto fear. Not trusting in the process of life.
AFFIRMATION: I breathe freely and fully. I am safe. I trust the process of life.
HEART PROBLEMS: Lack of joy, dealing with issues from anger, not love.
AFFIRMATION: My heart beats to the rhythm of love
HEMORRHOIDS: Fear of deadlines. Afraid to let go and move on.
AFFIRMATION: I release all that is unlike love. There is time and space for everything I want to do
(H-M) Spirit Meaning-Diseases & Affirmations
HERNIA: Ruptured relationships, feeling the burdens.
AFFIRMATION: My mind is cleansed and free. I leave the past and move into the new. All is well.
HIP PROBLEMS: Fear of going forward in major decisions.
AFFIRMATION: I am in perfect balance. I move forward in life with ease and with joy at every age

HYPERACTIVITY: Feeling pressured and frantic
AFFIRMATION: I am safe. All pressure dissolves. I AM good enough.
HYPERVENTILATION: Resisting change. Not being able to take it all in.
AFFIRMATION: I am safe everywhere in the Universe. I love myself and trust the process of life.
IMPOTENCE: Sexual guilt or pressure, feeling spite against a previous mate
AFFIRMATION: I now allow the full power of my sexuality to flow with ease and with joy
INDIGESTION:Dread or anxiety about a recent or coming event
AFFIRMATION: I digest and assimilate all new experiences peacefully and joyously
INFECTION:Irritation, anger or annoyance about a recent situation.
AFFIRMATION: I choose to be peaceful and harmonious
KIDNEY STONES: Lumps of undissolved anger.
AFFIRMATION: I dissolve all past problems with ease.
KNEE PROBLEMS: Inability to bend. Stubborn ego & pride. Fear. Inflexibility. Won’t give in.
AFFIRMATION: Forgiveness. Understanding. Compassion. I bend and flow with ease, and all is well.
LARYNGITIS: Fear of speaking up.
AFFIRMATION: I am flexible and flowing
LEFT SIDE OF BODY: The feminine side. Represents receptivity, taking in, women, mother, love.
AFFIRMATION: My feminine energy is beautifully balanced.
LEG PROBLEMS: Fear of the future, not being able to carry things forward.
AFFIRMATION: I move forward with confidence and joy, knowing that all is well in my future.
LIVER PROBLEMS: (hepatitis) Resistance to change. Fear, anger, hatred. Liver is the seat of anger and rage.
AFFIRMATION: My mind is cleansed & free. I leave the past & move into the new. All is well.
LUNG PROBLEMS: Depression, grief or fear of life. Not feeling worthy.
AFFIRMATION: I have the capacity to take in the fullness of life. I lovingly live life to the full
MENOPAUSE: Fear of no longer being wanted.
AFFIRMATION: I am balanced and peaceful in all changes of cycles and know that I am loved.
LIfe Coach”My inner advisor

(M-S) Spirit Meaning-Diseases & Affirmations
MENTAL ALERTNESS & SENILITY: Returning to the “safety” of childhood. Demanding care and attention.
AFFIRMATION: I am safe and life is peaceful. The intelligence of the Universe operates at every level of life.
MIGRAINE HEADACHE: Sexual fears, or fear of being close, letting someone in too close. Feeling driven or pressured.
AFFIRMATION: II relax into the flow of life and let life provide all that I need easily and comfortably. I love Life!
MENSTRUAL IMBALANCE(PMS): Rejection of one’s femininity. Guilt or feeling “dirty”.
AFFIRMATION: my bodily processes are a natural part of life. I love and approve of myself.
NAUSEA: Fear, rejecting an idea or experience.
AFFIRMATION: I am safe. I trust the process of life to bring only good to me.
NECK PROBLEMS: Refusing to see another’s side or position. Stubbornness. Who/what is being a pain in the neck?
AFFIRMATION:I am peaceful with life
OVERWEIGHT PROBLEMS: Fear, feeling a deep need for emotional protection. Running away from feelings, insecurity.
AFFIRMATION:I am at peace with my own feelings. I am safe where I am. I create my own security. I love and approve of myself.
PAIN: Self punishment, feeling emotional guilt.
AFFIRMATION: I lovingly release the past. They are free and I am free. All is well in my heart now.
PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT: Mental fears weakening the masculinity. Sexual pressure and feelings of guilt or inadequacy.
AFFIRMATION: I accept my own power. I embrace life and feel young in spirit. I love and approve of myself.
SEIZURES: Running away from the self, family or from life.
AFFIRMATION: I am at home in the Universe. I am safe and secure and understood.
SHOULDER PROBLEMS:: Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Feeling like life is a burden.
AFFIRMATION: I choose to allow all of my experiences to be joyous and loving.
SINUS PROBLEMS:: Irritation to someone, usually someone close to you.
AFFIRMATION: I choose to declare peace and harmony with all the individuals around me. I surround my self with love and goodwill.
SKIN CONDITIONS: Anxiety, fear, feeling threatened.
AFFIRMATION: I lovingly protect myself with thoughts of joy and peace.
SLIPPED DISK: Feeling unsupported in life.
AFFIRMATION: Life supports all of my thoughts; therefore, I love and approve of myself and all is well.
SOLAR PLEXAS: Ignoring ‘gut reactions’, or your own intuitions.
AFFIRMATION: I trust my inner voice. I am strong, wise and powerful.
(S-Z) Spirit Meaning-Diseases & Affirmations
SORE THROAT: Holding in angry words. Feeling unable to express the self.
AFFIRMATION: I release all restrictions, and I am free to be me.
SNORING: Stubborn refusal to let go of old patterns.
AFFIRMATION: I release all that is unlike love and joy in my mind. I move from the past into the new and fresh and vital.
SPASMS: I release all restrictions, and I am free to be me.
AFFIRMATION: I release, I relax and let go. I am safe in life.
STOMACH & INTESTINAL PROBLEMS: Dread, fear of the new, or not feeling nourished.
AFFIRMATION: I digest life with ease
STROKE: Insecurity, lack of self-expression. Not being allowed to cry.
AFFIRMATION: Life is change, and I adapt easily to the new. I accept life – past, present and future.
TEETH PROBLEMS: Being indecisive, not being able to break down ideas for analysis and decisions.
AFFIRMATION: I make my decisions based on the principles of truth, and I rest securely knowing that only right action is taking place in my life.
TESTICULAR PROBLEMS: Not accepting masculine principles, or the masculinity within.
AFFIRMATION: Not accepting masculine principles, or the masculinity within.
THYROID PROBLEMS: Humiliation. Feeling repressed or put down. Feeling as if you never get to do what you want.
AFFIRMATION: I move beyond old limitations and allow myself to express freely and creatively.
TUMORS: Nursing old hurts and shocks. Building on remorse
AFFIRMATION: I lovingly release the past and turn my attention to this new day.
ULCERS: Fear, a strong belief that you are not good enough. “What is eating away at you?”
AFFIRMATION: I love and approve of myself. I am at peace. I am calm.
URINARY PROBLEMS: Feeling pissed off! Usually at the opposite sex or lover.
AFFIRMATION: I release the pattern in my consciousness that created this condition. I am willing to change. I love and approve of myself.
VARICOSE VEINS: Standing in a situation you hate. Feeling over worked and over burdened.
AFFIRMATION:I stand in truth and live and move in joy. I love life, and circulate freely.
COLD SORES: Festering angry words and fear of expressing them.
AFFIRMATION:” I only create peaceful experiences because I love myself. All is well.”

JAUNDICE (liver deficiency): Internal and external prejudice. Unbalance reason.
AFFIRMATION: “I feel tolerance and compassion and love for all people, myself included.”

LEUKEMIA: Brutally killing inspiration. “What’s the use?”
AFFIRMATION:” I move beyond past limitations into the freedom of the now. It is safe to be me.”

LOCKJAW: Anger. A desire to control. A refusal to express feelings.
AFFIRMATION: “I trust the process of life. I easily ask for what I want. Life supports me.”

LUPUS (Erythematosus):A giving up. Better to die than stand up for oneself. Anger and Punishment”
AFFIRMATION: “I speak up for myself freely and easily. I claim my own power. I love and approve of myself. I am free and safe.”

LYMPHATIC PROBLEMS: A warning that the mind needs to be re-centered on the essentials of life. Life and Joy.
AFFIRMATION: “I am now totally centered in the love and joy of being alive. I flow with life. Peace of mind is mine.”

OSTEOPOROSIS: Feeling there is no support left in life.
AFFIRMATION:”I stand up for myself and Life supports me in unexpected, loving ways.”